The advanced technology of Connectis

Ongoing commitment to the development of information systems for promoting tourism

Our experience comes from afar

Connectis has been working with public bodies since 1999, managing official tourism databases. It has specialised in developing web based applications for public administration and private firms. Connectis developed the official online booking platform for Regione Toscana. For years it has been involved in the development of the IT systems behind the promotion of tourism for Regione Toscana. Many other public bodies from all over Italy use Connectis’ systems for the promotion of tourism facilities and the cultural revenue of the nation.

Our Strength

Our strength comes from experience. We’ve had the privilege to work with Tuscany – globally renowned for its tourism – for the past fifteen years. Connectis attributes its successes to IT and tourism experts; during these years of collaboration we have gained the insight and knowledge to commit to a sector that is key to the national economy.

Our mission

To innovate, to use the most advanced technology, to save time and energy and preserve the environment. We want to standardise the intake of official information, to make the sale mediums and the reservation of tourism outlets more accessible. To provide people with information using technology as a medium. To reach our only goal: to meet our user’s expectations – tourist or citizen. This is Connectis’ mission.

The only smart touchscreen

our mission is to develop real-time information systems for promoting tourism

The operating system

State of the art operating systems are tested in the laboratory and maintained with constant updates thus insuring our Info Point H24 “MOTOUR Touch” has superior performance and versatility. Thanks to the complete personalization of the user interface and the databases our terminals are able to work without an internet connection.


The Info Point H24 “MOTOUR Touch” are designed to be durable. They are placed in densely populated locations with many users, where durability is key. This durability is accredited to the industrial grade electrical components tested outdoors plus its top tier materials (stainless steel, and crystal).


A sophisticated monitoring system allows Connectis to monitor the terminals 24/7. Our system also allows us to update and fix problems in real time so maintenance is completely remote and uptime is always guaranteed.


Proximity tool

An innovative service.
Connectis is a pioneer in the development of this new technology, in favour of both citizens and enterprises. It’s aimed to facilitate the shopper’s lifestyle and to help tourists discover new places, new food and Italy as a whole.


Stroll around down town and a notification will warn of a great deal in a shop nearby, or of the availability of a product you’ve been looking for: the Leonardo app will notify you of all of this.



Evolution: The Evolution continues

Constant adjustment, new partners and collaborations

Technology’s is fast we have to be faster. Programmers, software analysts, system admins and database managers are constantly working towards developing new technologies for our terminals. The key word is “networking”. That’s our greatest strength: as we reach out to new partners every year, Connectis can guarantee the technological, editorial and commercial growth of the most important hub for tourism information technology.


The perfect ecosystem

Environmental sustainability awareness

Keeping an eye on the environment

We integrate our devices with photovoltaic panels, energy saving systems and low consuming technology to preserve the environment at tourist attractions. Connectis knows that the environment goes hand in hand with growth and liveability and always keeps that in mind when creating new technology.

Studied against urban decay

The key word is “value”. That’s our number one principle. Our Info Point H24 “MOTOUR Touch” are developed to add value to those territories too often neglected or disregarded in spite of their beauty or potential.




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